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Board of Architects 30% Protected Housing Debate

The Board of Architects has organized a second debate to reflect on the new measure promoted by Barcelona City Council to reserve 30% of all new homes to be protected housing. 300.000 Km/s co-founder, Mar Santamaria, has participated in the

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On going – Montjuïc Action Plan

Barcelona City Council has started a process of work and debate with the maximum number of actors involved in the Montjuïc mountain that, with all its richness and complexity of uses, constitutes a singular urban piece. The on going Action

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On going – Gran de Sant Andreu

Barcelona City Council has promoted a new land-use plan in Gran de Sant Andreu street, one of the oldest axis in the city. The street is now undergoing a transformation to gain more public space. In parallel, it is necessary

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Barcelona nocturnal landscape

A report to define the structure of nocturnal landscape in Barcelona

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Ciutat Vella’s land-use plan

A tool to ensure successful coexistence between commercial activity and residents’ quality of life.

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Las nuevas metodologías de análisis urbano premiadas en la XIV BEAU

Tres proyectos desarrollados por 300.000 Km/s han sido reconocidos por la XIVª edición de la Bienal de Arquitectura y Urbanismo, que en esta convocatoria ha puesto énfasis en la idea de habitar como fundamento de la arquitectura y de la

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Now online! New Generations meets 300.000 Km/s

The 4th edition of New Generations Festival took place in Rome last September 24th/26th. 300.000 Km/s was interviewed by Itinerant Office for the video series Architects VS Rest of the World, now online. Meet Mar Santamaria and Pablo Martinez from

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tuit: plausoscvella 1

#plausoscvella Un distrito residencial El Plan desarrolla el PGM (1976) que en Ciutat Vella fija la compatibilidad de la vivienda con otros usos. En 40 años el uso residencial ha resultado el predominante El Plan quiere garantizar la habitabilidad del

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Supported by #PIA_Cotec

Our project ‘Metrics and visualisation of innovation networks in Spain’ will be supported by Cotec Foundation Open Innovation Program #PIA2017. We aim to approach the analysis of innovation in Spain from a qualitative point of view, through the construction of

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Hi Boston! Cerdà arrives to the United States

The General Theory of Urbanisation will be presented at Harvard Graduate School of Design tomorrow April 4th. On the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the publication of the General Theory of Urbanization by Ildefons Cerdà, the Institute for Advanced

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