Caelum’s Heaven is a charming cafe in the heart of old-town Barcelona set up in the historic basement of Caelum sweets shop that specializes in artisanal cookies, cakes and liquors made by nuns from Spanish monasteries.

Caelum’s cafe dark atmosphere is only illuminated by warm light from candles on the tables and halogen lamps hidden in the ceiling ventilation holes. Maintaining this particular intimate atmosphere, the client requested to light the sweets buffet, avoiding candles that could damage pastries because of the heat.

The idea was to use little points of cold light (cool to the touch and cool in kelvins) to light the buffet in contrast to general warm ambiance. Luminaries should be placed on the table to facilitate plug connection, without taking up too much space as all the buffet surface is needed to expose pastries and sweets.



The final solution was a set of luminaires composed by little points of LED light attached to a large and thin stick that slightly curves at the end to stand on the table. Placing luminaires in front of the mirror duplicates its presence while cold light accentuates sweets in the buffet giving pastries a supernatural aura. Luminaires become little stars shining in the basement vaulted ceiling.

Structure is made of 3 mm wire inox, with cooper wire coated around it to feed the LED lamps at his end. All the longitude is covered with white heat-shrinkable tubing. Each lamp is composed by a group of three 3 mm Cree LEDs of 4000ºk, covered with a little cylinder finished in gold leaf that controls the glare. The luminaire is fed by a little power supply attached to the plug.


Caelum luminaire was one of the Frame Mooi award 2012 finalist projects.

Frame Mooi Award




Caelum Barcelona

Lighting: Pablo MArtínez Díez
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