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Mirades Urbanes

Mirades urbanes es un mapa interactivo de calles, plazas y edificios  de Barcelona. Mirades urbanes es un proyecto que se construye a partir de una selección de los trabajos realizados por los alumnos de la asignatura Urbanística I de la Escuela Técnica

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we are awarded with STARTS PRIZE 2019

Grand Prize – Innovative Collaboration: Awarded for innovative collaboration between industry or technology and the arts (and the cultural and creative sectors in general) that open new pathways for innovation.

S+T+ARTS=STARTS – Innovation at the Nexus of Science, Technology, and the ARTS: STARTS is an initiative of the European Commission to foster alliances of technology and artistic practice that effectively implement European policymaking to nurture innovation and that benefit the art world as well. The focus is on people and projects that contribute to mastering the social, ecological and economic challenges this continent faces.

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