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Tibidabo luna park

Tibidabo Puppet Theatre rehabilitates an interior space inside Tibidabo Amusement Park historical building and introduces new spaces of public uses, consisting of a puppet theatre, an exhibition space, a new souvenir shop, and an auditorium, as well as new access

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Caelum’s Heaven is a charming cafe in the heart of old-town Barcelona set up in the historic basement of Caelum sweets shop that specializes in artisanal cookies, cakes and liquors made by nuns from Spanish monasteries. Caelum’s cafe dark atmosphere

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Mar de Cava

Mar de Cava is a design gallery, located in a huge space in Barcelona city centre, exhibiting a relevant collection of furniture from most emergent European designers. The challenge of this project was to create a space almost only using

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“Lo que hoy se conoce como Sidecar fue hace tiempo una barra americana. Cuando atracava la 6ª flota de la US Army alquilaban toda la sala y la llenaban de chicas alegres, las mejores de la ciudad. Los marineros llenaban

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Metropolitana di Napoli

Dentro del programa napolitano de estaciones de metro encargadas a prestigiosos arquitectos internacionales, al equipo de OTB le ha correspondido la estación de Toledo, con un acceso satélite en el centro de los Quartieri Spagnoli. La característica más sobresaliente de

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we are awarded with STARTS PRIZE 2019

Grand Prize – Innovative Collaboration: Awarded for innovative collaboration between industry or technology and the arts (and the cultural and creative sectors in general) that open new pathways for innovation.

S+T+ARTS=STARTS – Innovation at the Nexus of Science, Technology, and the ARTS: STARTS is an initiative of the European Commission to foster alliances of technology and artistic practice that effectively implement European policymaking to nurture innovation and that benefit the art world as well. The focus is on people and projects that contribute to mastering the social, ecological and economic challenges this continent faces.

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