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tuie: digital divide

the digital divide in Barcelona by the infraestructure in the first digital divide report done at neighborhood detail

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tuit: bbva 1

amount of transactions in Madrid #bbva a new urban planning oportunity from data

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tuit: ukraine

Ukraine war explained with data dataWar

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tuit: bigtimebcn

explore all the heritage of #bcn

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tuit: dense amb

build density at the AMB (Barcelona) new maps for the new master plan

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tuit: geo inno bcn

Startups vs other companies in #bcn A cartography of the economical innovation in Barcelona. Geographies of Innovation in Barcelona

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tuit: AMB streets

AMB roads capacity. New maps for the new PDU in the “Metròpolis Barcelona” Atlas

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tuit: madridcentrocentro

The stone and the flesh, two visions of Madrid from the former exhibition ‘Ciudad Visible’ at CentroCentro. Ciudad Visible  

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tuit: fad

Locals and tourists share the same places in Barcelona @fadbarcelona #fadfest2017

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The Historic Chart of Barcelona explains the evolution of the build city along 20 centuries and 26 maps.

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