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On going – Gran de Sant Andreu

Barcelona City Council has promoted a new land-use plan in Gran de Sant Andreu street, one of the oldest axis in the city. The street is now undergoing a transformation to gain more public space. In parallel, it is necessary

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Mar Santamaria Varas, CEO

Urban planner, researcher and professor Co-founder 2008 – actualidad (9 años) 300.0000 Km/s ODI Associate 2016 – actualidad (1 año) Open Data Institute Faculty Master City & Technology 2015 – actualidad (2 años) Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia Profesora

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Pablo Martínez Díez, CTO

Arquitecto, investigador y profesor Pablo Martínez Díez is an architect graduated from the School of Architecture of Barcelona. He has a long experience in the use of data applied in urban planning and digital humanities. As a co-founder, with Mar

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what we do

Nuestras herramientas son la luz, el espacio, el código y la imagen. Concentramos nuestra actividad alrededor de lo intangible e inmaterial por su potencia modificadora al margen del peso de la materia. Porque nuestro objetivo es ser rápidos y ágiles

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  lighting: Pablo Martínez Díez thanks to: Manel Ruiz, Maria Güell, Ramón Rey, Ivan Gómez

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Pabellón de España en Venlo

The pavilion’s visual impact is characterised by a design inspired by the slogan “Naturally diverse”, and seeks to express the value of the organic, of diversity and of the richness of nature. The structural system of prefabricated laminated wooden panels

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A long staircase along Bel-Air Tower bridges a height difference of four storeys connecting Lausanne city centre with new Flon area. Despite its central position, the place has been forgotten and has become inhospitable, dirty and poorly frequented. Pablo Martínez

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Jo sóc El Prat

Jo sóc El Prat es una instalación realizada sobre la fachada del centro de arte Torremuntadas que tiene por objetivo construir un display de LEDs de muy baja resolución que muestre una secuencia continua con ls nombres de los ciudadanos

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we are awarded with STARTS PRIZE 2019

Grand Prize – Innovative Collaboration: Awarded for innovative collaboration between industry or technology and the arts (and the cultural and creative sectors in general) that open new pathways for innovation.

S+T+ARTS=STARTS – Innovation at the Nexus of Science, Technology, and the ARTS: STARTS is an initiative of the European Commission to foster alliances of technology and artistic practice that effectively implement European policymaking to nurture innovation and that benefit the art world as well. The focus is on people and projects that contribute to mastering the social, ecological and economic challenges this continent faces.

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