Inhabited fabric

We collect, analyse and visualise information about cities to develop data products and data analysis.
Cities of different velocities are now a reality. From consolidated urban environments to increasingly growing fabrics, we are addressing urban planning scenarios based on managing the existing and anticipating the new. Now, more than ever, we need precise knowledge of the territory including both morphological and behavioural perspectives.
We quantify sociodemographic, physical and dynamic aspects of the territory to provide a departure point for future planning proposals such as population composition, urban fabric age, land ownership, quality of buildings, land use and transport flows. According to this vision, urban tangible form is modified by different kinds of behaviour.

Which layers of information are necessary to rethink the urban model of a city?

The Data Atlas is a collection of 200 cartographies that explore urban uses and their conflicts in the historic center of Barcelona (district of Ciutat Vella). The project has been carried out in the context of the diagnosis of the

‘Barcelona Dynamics’ is a collection of 24 cartographies analyzing the growing complexity of the metropolitan territory of Barcelona over the past 40 years. The Metropolitan Authority of Barcelona (AMB) is currently drafting a new Metropolitan Urban Master Plan (PDU) -the