Montjuïc Action Plan

The action plan will drive the future of the Montjuïc park

Barcelona City Council has carried out a process of work and debate with the maximum number of actors involved in the Montjuïc mountain that, with all its richness and complexity of uses, constitutes a singular urban piece.

The main objective of Montjuïc Park Action Plan is to define the strategies and the main actions to be developed in the Montjuïc mountain during the next years. The Action Plan does not start from scratch, it is a document that must develop and respect the approaches, management criteria and uses established by the Modification of the General Metropolitan Plan (MPGM 2014).

The process responds to two scales: A closer look to the neighbourhoods near the mountain and their problems of coexistence with the large park and a broader look to the whole of the city of Barcelona, since the mountain is a unique and strategic location for the city, for its natural interest, its equipment and facilities that contains and its symbolism in the collective imagination.

During the process of the action plan, 300.000kms has updated the mountain’s data and visualised it in order to detect changes in Montjuïc and problems that were not collected in the MPGM. There has been some topics added to the debate such as the presence of tourism in the mountain or the impact of the many acts performed in the park.

Client: Sants-Montjuïc District, Barcelona City Council
Completion: 2018-2019


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