In the lead-up to the UN conference Habitat III, the open call Visualizing Cities requested submissions of the best city visualizations conceived by designers, researchers and practitioners around the world. The entries were carefully reviewed by an international program committee

The Catalan Association of Young Architects (AJAC-COAC) awards prizes to Geographies of Innovation and the Historic Charter of Barcelona. The biennial X AJAC Awards for Young Architects (20th Aniversary edition) have been awarded last week. The Catalan Association of Young Architects

If you happen to be in Madrid next Thursday 13 October 2016, join us for the opening of the exhibition ‘Ciudad Invisible‘ at CentroCentro. We will be also celebrating the six nominations to the UN Habitat III Cityvis Awards and the

Next September 16th and 17th at Caixa Forum Barcelona we will be joining an amazing panel of speakers who will meet in Barcelona to discuss Advanced Urbanism at the ‪Responsive Cities‬ ‪Symposium. Over the last decades a new generation of cities and new city-planning paradigms

We are proud to announce that 300.000 Km/s team is now part of the Open Data Institute Associates Program. The Open Data Institute (ODI) equip, connect and inspire people around the world to innovate with data. Co-founded by Sir Tim

Barcelona advances toward equality in the use of the Internet across its different districts -> Access to the report The digital divide in the city of Barcelona. The way information and knowledge are accessed has changed dramatically over the last

“Expo, i padiglioni che hanno segnato una svolta: vince su tutto la lezione dell’Angola” “Sono quelli che lasciando la migliore eredità, in termini di impatto, interesse, cambiamento delle abitudini di consumo e rispetto per il pianeta. Sono stati selezionati da

El próximo 2 de Septiembre estaremos compartiendo la sexta Inexperiencia de los Premios AJAC IX con Maria Ruiz y Flexo Arquitectura. Presentaremos el proyecto Big Time Bcn, el primer mapa interactivo del patrimonio de Barcelona. Os esperamos a todos a

The exhibition “Chatter: Architecture Talks Back”  includes the work of 300.000Km/s for the new Urban Master Plan (PDU). If you happen to be in Chicago from 11th April to 12th July don’t miss the exhibition“Chatter: Architecture Talks Back” curated by Neville

We have participated in the debate organized by El Mirador La Vanguardia about the new urban model of Barcelona with Vicente Guallart, chief architect of the City of Barcelona; Albert Civit, manager of Urban Habitat of the City of Barcelona;Lluís Comerón, dean of the
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