La investigación es la mejor herramienta para entender el presente a la vez que indagamos en el futuro. Muchos de nuestros proyectos requieren de la aportación de un nuevo punto de vista, sea técnico o estético, para encontrar la solución a nuevos retos. Es gracias a nuestra actividad investigadora que podemos ofrecer propuestas y enfoques innovadores.


Springer has recently published the book New Challenges for Data design edited by David Bihanic. The publication outlines the scope of Data Design, and presents a line-up of “viewpoints” that highlight this discipline’s main topics, and offers an in-depth look

The article ‘Atnight visions through data’ presents the first results of atNight project by means of a series of maps that compare the image and activity of Barcelona during day and night. MAS Context, a quarterly journal created by MAS Studio

The paper ‘Big Time BCN: Strengthening the Link between Heritage and Society through Representation’ explores how the use of tools such as Big Time Bcn can articulate the relationship between heritage and citizenship. We need new mechanisms to facilitate spreading

atNight project has been featured in Volume 6 of Obra Digital. Obra Digital is an international open access journal focusing on research in Digital Communication from a broad perspective. This issue ‘Narratives and Digital Design’ offers a miscellany of articles featuring

November 2014 issue of A+U Architecture and Urbanism explores the work of architects, urban designers, software developers, artists, researchers who are leading with a range of technological drivers reforming urbanity. Edited by Alastair Townsend, the issue includes essays by Eric Fischer, Eric Rodenbeck

(…) Detrás del antiguo hospital Can Xifré de Arenys de Mar se encuentra escondido un edificio del arquitecto Josep Lluís Sert. Hasta ahora no ha aparecido en los estudios que se han hecho acerca del arquitecto, tampoco está catalogado como