Touristification in Madrid

How can we measure the impact of tourism in a city? The project Touristification is a new approach to define the gentrification caused by tourism in the city of Madrid.

Tourism is a changing market. Recent trends have shaped a new archetype of tourist in Madrid. Culture is no longer the main reason to visit the city but gastronomy. More bread, less culture. More calamari and less churros. Tourist used to go to museums, Visitors to restaurants.

These slogans are the starting point of the project Touristification, that aims to describe the impact of tourism and gentrification in Madrid by means of the study of trends, the analysis of the p2p apartments and an Atlas describing the whole phenomenon.

The new Touristification Atlas will serve as a basis for a reflection on the impact of tourism in Madrid and gentrification brought about by the appearance of tourist apartments. This is a new approach to a problem that is common to large modern cities, bringing a vision of the transformations seen in the urban landscape of Madrid through tourism- related thematic mapping.

The Atlas contains five maps: the map of vulnerability, the map of economic pressure, tourist itineraries and accommodation, the competition for land and competition caused by economic pressure.

From this new Atlas, the experts will analyse and draw conclusions regarding the public concern about the appearance of tourist accommodation in large cities. A new map is being drawn up to illustrate the different transformations being seen in the landscape of Madrid and how this phenomenon is affecting the behaviour of the citizens, thus triggering gentrification processes brought about by tourism.

La Casa Encendida and Ariadna Cantis, curator of the meeting, in collaboration with 300.000 kms, have brought together a numerous group of experts to analyse the reality of tourist accommodation and how this transformation has modified the urban landscape.

The experts participating in the meeting will include José María Ezquiaga, architect, urban planner and sociologist, who is director of the housing research group, ETSAM; Mar Santamaría, architect; Jesús Leal, sociologist; Julio Vinuesa, professor of geography; Mauro Gil Fournier, architect at the VIC collective; Aurora Adalid, resident of the centre of Madrid; Agustín Cocola, geographer and expert researcher; Xavier Monteys, architect and expert in housing and Álvaro Luna, of the Housers community.

Client: La Casa Encendida
Completion: 2017

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