Historical map of Barcelona

How do we explain the evolution of a city?


Museum of the History of Barcelona (MUHBA)

The historical map of Barcelona is an interactive website that recounts the urban evolution of Barcelona through the city’s most important historical maps and documents. The project was coordinated by a scientific committee that issued guidelines for selecting sources, restoring maps and verifying the historical consistency of the base information.

We redrew the maps based on previously digitized historical planimetrics, archaeological documentation of the city, historical studies and the first digital maps made in the last century. The goal was to use a single graphic style to make it easier to read the documents as a whole and include original sources when the resolution was good enough.

The platform was designed to be a living document that can be used in teaching activities at the Museum of History and incorporate any research updates. To that end, platform users can explore different periods, zoom in and out, add comments, add and remove layers to the current map and consult the corresponding bibliography.

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