Local Housing Observatory of the Barcelona Provincial Council

How to inform housing policies?

300,000 km/s has been in charge of the renovation of the data viewer of the Local Housing Observatory of the Barcelona Provincial Council, which includes a hundred statistical indicators and the improvement of navigability.

The new version of the municipal housing indicators viewer (INDI_MHAB) adds 35 new indicators and with the inclusion of these new elements, the indicators available in the viewer reach one hundred, a fact that allows better information and guidance on the housing policies of the 311 municipalities in the demarcation of Barcelona.

Among the new indicators are data on the existing public housing stock (HPO), rehabilitated houses or HPO applicants. The information on the state of the park has also been expanded, with special attention to a topic both relevant as sustainability and energy efficiency. From now on, INDI_MHAB will have data on the volume of homes with an energy certificate or the type of energy rating, among others.

There is also new data in the section on sociodemographic data, such as the calculation of the economic effort to purchase a home for each municipality. The INDI_MHAB update has also made it possible to make navigation improvements and introduce a video tutorial that shows how to get the most out of the tool.

INDI_MHAB provides information on the main housing indicators with graphs and maps and allows the generation of individualized reports for each of the 311 municipalities in the demarcation of Barcelona. The interactive viewer provides information organized in 4 blocks: people, housing, market and housing policies. Among the main added values ​​of this open tool are that it allows making comparisons between municipalities and the possibility of downloading all the data to make more complex analyzes.



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