Map of Electricity Consumption in Rubí

Predicting electricity patterns

In this study, we conducted a micro-regional exploration of electricity consumption data in the municipality of Rubí. We examined how this data relates to various characteristics of the homes, buildings, urban fabric and population structures of each area in the municipality. The preliminary results showed unequal patterns.

Unlike existing energy diagnoses made at the urban and regional levels and based on estimates or hypothetical models, our analysis was backed by real records of electricity consumption corresponding to each unit of construction.

The results allow us to characterize efficiency and waste patterns for the first time. They also make it possible to address other urgent matters such as energy access and energy poverty in order to ultimately enact energy and environmental management policies and strategies under the current framework for decentralization of the electrical system and promotion of self-consumption and local energy markets. All this against the backdrop of the energy transition and the fight against climate change.

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