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Map of electricty consumption in Rubí

How can we prevent energy poverty in a local context using data and AI? The research presents the preliminary findings of a micro-territorial exploration of electricity consumption in the municipality of Rubí and how this data relates to urban and demographic

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Nocturnal Landscapes

The exhibition Nocturnal Landscapes: Urban Flows of Global Metropolises observes and analyzes cities at night from an interdisciplinary perspective. Today, in a growing urban context, there are very few studies that aim to describe how the cities are and behave

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Land use plan Gran de Sant Andreu

A land-use plan to harmonise a unique urban morphology with economic activity The renovation of the urbanization of the main street of Sant Andreu, a civic and structuring centre of the neighborhood, will substantially transform its current configuration and surroundings

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Montjuïc Action Plan

The action plan will drive the future of the Montjuïc park Barcelona City Council has carried out a process of work and debate with the maximum number of actors involved in the Montjuïc mountain that, with all its richness and

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Morphologies of tourism

A description of the impact of tourism in Barcelona Morphologies of Tourism describes the tourist impact in Barcelona by analysing soft data with the aim of generating both a public monitoring infrastructure (being critical with official sources) and a series of documents to

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Barcelona nocturnal landscape

A report to define the structure of nocturnal landscape in Barcelona

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Ciutat Vella’s land-use plan

Big Data, KDD and Citizen Participation to Ensure Coexistence between Economic Activity and Citizens Quality of Life

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Touristification in Madrid

How can we measure the impact of tourism in a city? The project Touristification is a new approach to define the gentrification caused by tourism in the city of Madrid.

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Geographies of Innovation in the metropolitan area of Barcelona

Can urban fabric foster innovation? This research developed in the metropolitan area of Barcelona demonstrates the correlation between urban fabric and the emergence of innovation economy.

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