Land use plan Gran de Sant Andreu

A land-use plan to harmonise a unique urban morphology with economic activity

The renovation of the urbanization of the main street of Sant Andreu, a civic and structuring centre of the neighborhood, will substantially transform its current configuration and surroundings in an immediate future. The main objective of this renovation is to pacify the street and renew all the elements of its urbanization (paving, services, vegetation, etc.), enhancing the urban quality of this road.

In this context, the municipal administration considers that the renovation must be accompanied by a regulation of the uses that reinforces the commercial axis and controls the implementation of activities. For this reason, prior to the start of the urbanization works, this use plan began with the suspension of public establishment licenses, which has continued with the elaboration of an updated list of commercial activities, the analysis of the current situation and the development of a participatory process.

The street and its associated public spaces embody morphological and symbolical values, being a unique example of suburban development in Barcelona. Consequently, understanding how economic activities fit in this particular urban environment is key to make a urban plan that respects both the characteristics of the urban fabric and the possibility to implement new public establishment. The proposal aims at maintaining habitability of the urban environment and the quality of life of the neighbours while respecting the coexistence, the urban model, the balance of uses and the environmental quality.

Client: Barcelona City Council
Completion: 2019-2019

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