atNight: Nocturnal Landscapes and Invisible Networks

Chapter in the book "New Challenges for Data design"

Springer published the book New Challenges for Data design edited by David Bihanic. The publication outlines the scope of Data Design, and presents a line-up of “viewpoints” that highlight this discipline’s main topics, and offers an in-depth look into practices boasting both foresight and imagination.

The book includes contributions from Alberto Cairo, Giorgia Lupi, Fabien Girardin, Nicholas Felton, Moritz Stefaner and Benjamin Wiederkehr among others. We participate in the book with the chapter “atnight: Nocturnal Landscapes and Invisible Networks”, included in in the section Mapping and Data Visualization.

The chapter presents in detail the methodology and the main contributions of atNight project. We evaluate the potential of digital technologies to propose new design scenarios aiming at deploying strategies to gather, analyse and represent information. Specifically, we use data visualization to establish a possible interpretation of nocturnal landscape.”

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