COTEC Gala 2023

On the 11th of October, we participated in the Gala of the COTEC Foundation, an organisation that promotes innovation as a driver for social and economic transformation. Every year, the foundation presents their Yearbook, collecting knowledge about the state of the art of innovation in Spain. This year, during the Gala, the foundation presented the projects developed under the Open Innovation Program PIA 2023.

Within the framework of this program, we have developed the project ‘Embarriados’. This research arises from the hypothesis that our current production model is going to change, and so are our cities. This change is driven by the ecological transition that we must undertake because of climate change and energy crisis, and that clearly urges us to reduce mobility in urban environments and in the territory. The challenge arises from the speed of these transitions: we need data that will allow us to anticipate the potential negative impacts, to prevent them and to design the necessary policies and actions.

Thanks to the data collected in Spain about mobility during the COVID-19 lockdown, we have determined the areas where the mobility reduction will be more difficult. In the future, their inhabitants will have a profound disadvantage in the new productive scenarios and, therefore, a greater vulnerability. It is necessary to identify these situations to prepare the urban environment adequately, taking advantage of the ecological transition to be a more sustainable and equal society.

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