“Montjuïc no és el pati del darrere de res, sinó un espai central i necessari”

"In the end Montjuïc has be the great park that Barcelona does not have and not a park with a single label, such as culture or sport", diagnoses the architect Mar Santamaria, from the 300,000 Km/s team, which followed the participatory process and drafted the new project. One of the conclusions of the process was, precisely, to eliminate any label of use: Montjuïc is, according to the last urban project, an equipped park. "What is clear, too, is that it must be kept as a park, we cannot build more on it, nor increase the waterproof surface. We mustn’t think that Montjuïc is the backyard of anything, but a central and necessary space. The big park the city doesn’t have.”