Map of electricty consumption in Rubí

How can we prevent energy poverty in a local context using data and AI?

The research presents the preliminary findings of a micro-territorial exploration of electricity consumption in the municipality of Rubí and how this data relates to urban and demographic characteristics and results in unequal patterns. Unlike other existing energy diagnoses at urban and territorial level (based on hypothetical estimates or models), this analysis is based on real registered electricity consumption -with an accuracy of a building unit.

The results obtained allow, for the first time, to characterize the patterns of efficiency or waste, in addition to addressing other urgent issues such as access to energy and energy poverty. The ultimate goal of the project is to establish strategies and policies for energy and environmental management in the present context of the decentralization of electrical systems and the promotion of self-consumption and local energy markets fuelled by energy transition and climate change.

The project has been published online via an interactive map that enables the exploration of results and self-quantification.

Client: Rubí city council
Completion: 2019

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