Mobility in Barcelona metropolitan area

The mobility of people and goods in the metropolis has increased greatly in the last forty years, while it has gone from a radial pattern centred in Barcelona to a configuration of the road network articulated from municipal sub-centres.

matriu2010_r02The public transport networks are better connected thanks to the policies of fare integration and greater inter-modality. For the majority, the compact urban structure favours walking and cycling within the urban centres, one of the strengths of mobility in the Barcelona Metropolitan Area, especially in the central sector. It is essential to work towards sustainable mobility to help reduce the threat presented by the greenhouse effect.

Client: Àrea Metropolitana de Barcelona
Completion: 2014

La mobilitat de persones i mercaderies a la metròpolis ha augmentat en gran mesura en els darrers 40 anys, al temps que s’ha passat d’un model radial centrat en Barcelona a una configuració de la xarxa viària articulada a partir de subcentres municipals. Les xarxes de transport públic estan més ben connectades gràcies a polítiques d’integració tarifària i una major intermodalitat. L’estructura urbana compacta afavoreix el desplaçament majoritari a peu i en bicicleta dins dels centres urbans, un dels punts forts de la mobilitat de l’AMB, especialment en el sector central. Davant l’amenaça de l’efecte hivernacle, cal treballar vers una mobilitat sostenible que ajudi a reduir-lo.

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S+T+ARTS=STARTS – Innovation at the Nexus of Science, Technology, and the ARTS: STARTS is an initiative of the European Commission to foster alliances of technology and artistic practice that effectively implement European policymaking to nurture innovation and that benefit the art world as well. The focus is on people and projects that contribute to mastering the social, ecological and economic challenges this continent faces.

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