news / 11/11/2021
Ana Badenas (project manager at 300.000 km/s) will participate in the panel A Smart City that Helps Improving of the Ágora PEPRI, presenting the talk To Observe and Quantify to Know How to Think the City on Thursday 11th of November at 6.30 pm.
The conference is organised by the Estella-Lizar...
news / 09/11/2021
Àgora d’Urbanisme 9 de novembre 2021
The third edition of l’Àgora d’Urbanisme will take place next Tuesday 9th of November, at the COAC headquarters. This annual event aims to consolidate itself as a reference space for urban planning activity in Catalonia, a meeting between technicians and managers at different levels, building ...
news / 21/10/2021
Presentation of Quaderns Biennale 2021
Presentation of Quaderns AIR/ARIA/AIRE, catalog of the Catalonia in Venice project, the Catalan pavilion of the 17th Venice Architecture Biennale, with the Dean of the COAC, Assumpció Puig and the Director of the Institut Ramon Llull, Francesc Serés.
Air/Aria/Aire is curated by Olga Subir...
news / 13/10/2021
Mercè at VII Encuentro Cultura y Ciudad
The project Mercè has been selected to be presented and exhibited at Tabakalera in Donostia on the 13th and 14th of october in the context of the VII Encuentro Cultura y Ciudad. This edition focus the future of culture in the context of post-pandemic crisis and the formulation of concrete proposals...
news / 10/09/2021
La ciudad que queremos / The City We Want
The International Congress is a biennial activity of the Fundación Arquitectura y Sociedad in Pamplona that wants to promote a debate on architecture and the city, overcoming the barriers that limit this discipline to the architectural field.
We will discuss about the 'Shared city and publi...
news / 06/09/2021
Course presentation at EPFL 2021-2022
Presentation day of the atelier 2021-22 Building futures with cities, led by Mar Santamaría and Pablo Martínez at EPFL-ENAC on Monday September 6 at 12p.m., via zoom ID 670 7321 9190.
news / 07/07/2021
All that is urban melts into air
Tomorrow at 12:00 from the Iniversità luav di Venezia, we will be talking about our work at "air/aria/aire", the project curated by Olga Subiròs for the catalan participation at the Venice Biennale. "ALL THAT IS URBAN MELTS INTO AIR"
news / 02/07/2021
Conocimientos Híbridos
On Friday July 2, we will be presenting Mercè in the Hybrid Knowledge forum. The forum will be held from June 30 to July 3 at Etopia, Centro de Arte y Tecnología. It is a forum around the impact of the omnipresence of artificial intelligences in our societies that seeks to create a framework...
news / 01/07/2021
New Generations 2021 Festival
Join us in the New Generations Festival (2021) New Generations is a European platform that investigates the architectural profession and the changes around it through a network of some of the most innovative emerging architecture studios and practices, providing a new space for the exchange of kn...
news / 29/06/2021
S+T+ARTS Urban Fest
We are participating in the S+T+ARTS Urban Fest, that explores perspectives, visions and collaboration frameworks from all over the world. European projects shaping our cities (14:00-14:45) Mar Santamaria VarasUrban planner and co-founder of 300.000 Km/s (Moderator) Mariona CíllerCo-founder ...
news / 29/06/2021
Jornada Inicial de la Metròpoli Resilient
This session is the third of Cicles Metropolitans of the Barcelona Demà: Compromís Metropolità 2030 process. The debate is joined by Isabello Anguelovski, Pablo Martínez (co-founder of 300.000 km/s), Sandra Carrera, Jordi Valls and Narcís Berberana. The topics addressed are - Climate emerg...
news / 01/02/2021
The Institut Ramon Llull presents CATALONIA IN VENICE – AIR/ARIA/AIRE, a Collateral Event of the Biennale Architettura 2021 and an exhibition curated by architect Olga Subirós. The project reflects upon the central theme of the Biennale, ‘How will we live together?’, with an investigation int...
news / 25/09/2019
Exhibition Nocturnal Landscapes: Urban Flows of Global Metropolises
The exhibition Nocturnal Landscapes: Urban Flows of Global Metropolises, organized by MAS Context and the Instituto Cervantes of Chicago, observes and analyzes cities at night from an interdisciplinary perspective. The work by Mar Santamaría and Pablo Martínez of 300.000 Km/s presents a researc...
news / 27/08/2019
Nocturnal Landscapes pre-event
MAS Context Spring talks 2019: Cartography and Photography, Revealing Global Metropolises On Tuesday, August 27, 2019, MAS Context and 300.000 km/s are organizing an event in Barcelona to talk about the use of cartography and photography in revealing hidden aspects of global metropoles. The prese...
news / 15/05/2019
Barcelona Building Construmat
We will participate in Barcelona Building Construmat talks. Join us 15th May 16:00 h in the Talks Arena!
news / 02/05/2019
Proceed With Care 2019
We will participate in the international conference Proceed With Care 2019 ‘Living with tourism’. Under the patronage of UNESCO Croatian National Committee, the conference will explore and overcome the Challenges and Threats of the Emerging Conflict between Overtourism and the Safeguarding of...
news / 01/04/2019
Laab Aragón
Under the title Cities will belong to their cartographers (‘Las ciudades serán de quién las cartografíe‘), we have contributed to the blog of the Laboratory of Open Innovation of Aragón, LAAB. The article explores how the new ways of mapping cities will influence in data availability and...
news / 22/03/2019
Our co-founder Mar Santamaria has participated in the first TEDxEixample, talking about algorithms to make better cities. The event, organised by Pau Samó and curated by Guillem Recolons and Robert Ferrer, put together a great team of speakers such as Anna Gener (Savills Aguirre Newman), Daria S...
news / 14/02/2019
Mobile Week 2019
We will join the third edition of the Mobile Week taking place from 14 to 23 February 2019 in Barcelona and other major Catalan cities. It will connect cities through art, science and technology during conferences, workshops and many other activities. This year’s theme, ‘Our Simple Relationsh...
news / 10/01/2019
S+T+ARTS Prize ’19
Ciutat Vella’s land-use Plan wins S+T+ARTS Prize ’19 awarded by the European Commission The urban plan that regulates the land uses in the Ciutat Vella district of Barcelona obtains the STARTS Prize 2019 from the European Commission. The award, launched by Ars Electronica, BOZAR and Waag Soci...
news / 30/05/2017
Our co-founder Mar Santamaria will be hosting a round table at ResetCultura, an event organised by Obra Social La Caixa and Fundación Contemporánea.