Jornada Inicial de la Metròpoli Resilient

This session is the third of Cicles Metropolitans of the Barcelona Demà: Compromís Metropolità 2030 process. The debate is joined by Isabello Anguelovski, Pablo Martínez (co-founder of 300.000 km/s), Sandra Carrera, Jordi Valls and Narcís Berberana. The topics addressed are - Climate emergency: This involves identifying the main dangers to resilience and posing challenges to reduce and / or adapt to them. Recognition of the urgent need to achieve these goals requires the close collaboration of the administrations and actors of the metropolitan area to forge a new workspace and consensus. - Environmental emergency: A metropolis that seeks to reduce pollution, and generate a change in the ways of living, consuming and producing in order to reduce the negative impacts on the environment and people. - Healthy territories: A metropolis that guarantees physical, mental and social well-being, and that raises its articulation at the supra-municipal level in order to provide the territory with the resilience necessary to become a comfortable and safe place for the development of all kinds of activities, putting people at the center and with the aim of reducing vulnerabilities.




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