S+T+ARTS Urban Fest

We are participating in the S+T+ARTS Urban Fest, that explores perspectives, visions and collaboration frameworks from all over the world.

European projects shaping our cities (14:00-14:45)

Mar Santamaria VarasUrban planner and co-founder of 300.000 Km/s (Moderator)
Mariona CíllerCo-founder & Co-director, SokoTech.
Denis RoioFounder e cto, Dyne.org
Giulia TomaselloArtist, Future FLora and Alma Project

There are many examples of artists, technologists and scientists who are shaping our European cities. They bring new perspectives, solutions and awareness about topics relevant for society, often not addressed by the people in charge. What’s the vision behind these creative artworks / interventions? What are the approaches taken and the impact generated? How are these professionals collaborating with businesses, engineers and scientists to make this change happen?

In this session. successful artists and technologists will share with us their experience and advice in building great products and services thanks to strong collaborations and a clear vision.

Each speaker brings its own project and answers the questions above referring on how their work is shaping cities today and the cities of the future.


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