Pablo Martínez


Pablo Martínez
Pablo Martínez Díez is an architect graduated from the School of Architecture of Barcelona.

As co-founder of 300.000 Km/s, he has an strong background in using new forms of information (open, social and big data) to address contemporary urban and territorial challenges through diagnosis, reports, planning and participation. He is an expert in data processes from gathering to publication.

He is a pioneer in Spain in the use of open data for urban policies. He is an Associate member from the Open Data Institute.

He has lectured at prestigious academic institutions across Europe (EPFL Lausanne, TU Braunschweig, Welsh School of Architecture, Institute of Advanced Architecture, UPC Foundation, among others), as well as participating regularly in debates and conferences of significance in the sector.

He has written several scientific publications and other articles for a wide public published in relevant national and international reviews and media.