What is the impact of tourist accommodations?

Tourism has changed in recent years and, in turn, the economic sector and cities we call home have been transformed. Given this new paradigm – brought about by low-cost flights and peer-to-peer online platforms – it is crucial to analyze how tourist accommodation is transforming the urban landscape and kick-starting gentrification processes through the visitor’s economy. In this project, we investigate the phenomenon at three levels: global tendencies (as reflected by Google Trends), a comparative diagnosis of the Airbnb offer in Europe’s main tourist destinations (Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, London, Madrid, Paris, Rome and Venice) and an atlas that depicts the situation in Madrid, focusing on economic pressure, land-use competition and resident vulnerability. These materials served as the basis for a public conversation with experts and citizens to understand the causes and consequences of these transformations and predict and respond to citizens’ needs through urban planning.

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