Diagnosis of Culture in Barcelona

An overview of the current state of culture in the city and it's spatial implications.

The diagnosis report has been drawn up with the aim of obtaining an overview of the current state of culture through the ecosystem of available data. The results of the report will inform strategies carried out by Barcelona City Council to promote cultural activities in the city. Thus, the report proposes an innovative work methodology (in line with new strategic lines of research in the field of cultural analytics) that combines the analysis of official data sources with available unstructured data.

The report addresses 4 main questions:
How is the spatial organization of the cultural facilities?
How are cultural grants distributed?
Is there a loss of relevance of cultural activity in Barcelona?
What are the citizen communities around culture?

The data used for this report, comes from the Culture Institute of Barcelona (ICUB). Most of it is open-source data collected by the Cultural Data Observatory, and aims at tracing quantitatively the volume of cultural activity and audience reach. These are supplemented with other information (from various sources) in order to contrast and validate what we can read from the main and official data sources.



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