Integral diagnosis of El Vendrell

How to detect the main challenges of a municipality?

The integrated diagnosis of El Vendrell aims to give a vision of the state of the municipality in terms of the main urban challenges it will face in the coming years. For this, open data and internal data from the City Council have been analyzed, structuring the story into four sections that define the model of the city to which El Vendrell aspires.

The first section is “The integrating city”, a section in which demographic data and the main challenges in housing and urban regeneration are analyzed. The second is called “The healthy and proximity city” and explores the challenges of mobility in relation to health. It also explores the mix of uses, the state of commerce and facilities in a municipality widely dispersed throughout the territory.

The third section “A city committed to its environment” delves into the structure of the municipality and the consumption of land foreseen by the urban plans, with a perspective of protection of natural heritage and adaptation and mitigation of climate change.

Finally, the section “an attractive and innovative city” explores the impact of tourism in this beach town and the potential for revitalization and diversification of economic activity and local productivity.



Ajuntament del Vendrell

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