Montjuïc Park Action Plan

How do we make urban green areas into points of attraction?

Promoted by the Sants-Montjuïc district and various local agents, the action plan establishes the strategic lines and main actions to be carried out in the coming 10 years to transform the Montjuïc hill into a fully equipped park and landmark for the people of Barcelona.

Thanks to its location and features, Montjuïc is a very important space for Barcelona, although its relationship of urban dependency has gone through phases of both rapprochement and tense rejection, culminating in the need for an action plan. The objective of such a plan is to organize and project Montjuïc hill into the future as large green space. It also aims to acknowledge the potential of its heritage and cultural and sports facilities, transform mobility in the area, improve security and harmony and establish its governance.

To this end, technical and civic debates were held at on-site and online meeting points. The result was the presentation of a document containing priority actions agreed upon by local administrations, organizations and citizens.

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