Design of a System of Indicators to Inform Urban Regeneration Policies

How to inform urban regeneration policies?

In regard to the massive regeneration wave (to be developed in Europe in the following years), public bodies of different sizes will need to define and prioritise urban regeneration strategies according to territorial, social and economic criteria.

We have designed a structure of indicators for the region of Barcelona (311 municipalities and more than 5 million inhabitants) to inform regeneration policies within the framework of MITECO aids and the Next Generation programme. The indicators are presented using cartography, graphics and digital storytelling, with a strong emphasis on providing a territorialised point of view.

This tool should help local entities to detect needs and patterns, determine conservation and urban regeneration areas in the municipal building stock, and conclude which intervention policies would be more appropriate to promote urban rehabilitation and regeneration.

We have developed the matrix of the indicators, a pilot test for three municipalities of different sizes, the graphic design of the visualization tool and the possible scenarios for its implementation.



Diputació de Barcelona

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