‘Demà Futur’ Conference

Defining the future Catalonia

Mar Santamaria spoke at the Prospective Conference of the Government of Catalonia. With this event, the Government of Catalonia aims to delve into knowledge and reflection on the future of Catalonia. The main objective of the event was to create a space for debate and dialogue among experts, representatives from businesses and institutions, and the general public, to share visions and future proposals around the application of artificial intelligence, the development of biomedical research, population ageing, the effects of climate change, the growth of inequalities, and political polarization will transform our country and the lives of citizens.

Her participation was part of the roundtable titled ‘Innovation as an impulse. How do organizations anticipate the future? The debate focused on the role of innovation and the challenges that innovative companies face in developing cutting-edge methods to tackle future challenges.

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