Fostering economy inside the city

With the introduction of digitization into production, we are consolidating not only the decentralization of workplaces, but also their spread into multiple nodes. As a result, the work ecosystem needs attractive areas for company headquarters and representative spaces, but it also needs co-working spaces that allow for teleworking and the expansion of companies that are just starting out, as well as home offices.
The common element among these complementary productive formats is the existing city: today economy is going to be developed inside the urban fabric -abandoning the traditional sites located in the industrial peripheries.

We should seize on this moment of transformational change by inventorying the network of spaces and the multiple actors (companies, emergent activities, research facilities and knowledge infrastructures) that shape the innovation ecosystem. The real capacity of these spaces to create synergies, links and communities will go through their symbolic value but also through proximity and transference to the urban milieu.