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A change of model

Eight out of 10 cities in the world are incapable of guaranteeing breathable air for their inhabitants. Taking air pollution as its central theme, the exhibition AIR/AIRE/ARIA (curated by Olga Subirós), to be displayed at the Catalan pavilion of the 2021 Venice Biennale, presents research that delves into the consequences of air pollution on a local scale, in the form of a public health crisis.

The project uses different air quality models (on loan from major scientific institutions and local companies) to illustrate the problem, overlapping that date with information on urban land use, with the aim of revealing the conflicts and evidence guiding us toward a kind of planning in which citizens’ health is the final goal. The research also quantifies the impacts on citizens’ health and proposes 12 strategic measures intended to have a direct influence on the measures that should be implemented in Barcelona to address this challenge.

The exhibition will take the form of an immersive installation at the Biennale, mixing data and maps to make architects and the general public aware of the urgency of a change in how we design cities and in our collective lifestyles.

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