Urban density in Copenhagen

How to face the challenge of density?

Copenhagen outstands for the quality of its public space, which presents multiple values: it is one of the main urban infrastructures in the city, fosters social interaction, connects with natural ecosystems and supports built density.

We have developed a research project in collaboration with the Royal Danish Academy and the City Council of Copenhague to rethink the city from the perspective of density -with public space as the driver of Copenhaguen’s transformation amid this growing scenario.

For the first time, the city has crossed unstructured data sources and official information to describe the complexity and values of public space. For example, the researach includes population density, indicators of built density (floor-area ratio, building height), socio-economic indicators (such as level of education and income) and the distribution and distribution of specific urban facilities.




Københavns Kommunes

Royal Danish School of Architecture

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