Conversation between Mar Santamaria and Blanca Pujals on data.

Urban Innovators

The COACTFE presents the "Urban Innovators" lecture series. The aim is to explore the new dynamics that are developing in the field of interventions on the territory and the design of urban space. In the second session Mar Santamaria explains how the work of 300,000 Km/s explores the potential of big data and new computing paradigms to improve urban analysis, strategic planning and decision making.

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Montjuïc. The Misunderstood Mountain.

Mar Santamaria, co-founder of 300.000 km/s, Meritxell M. Pauné, journalist, and Ferran Aisa, historian, reflect on the current perception of the mountain, on its myths and its realities, in a round table at Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya (MNAC). Montjuïc has a bad reputation for being a dangerous place and not recommended at certain times of the day, an often underused space, halfway between nature and the city, which has not yet found its place in contemporary Barcelona.

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The Future City: Tools for Urban Transformation

Climate change is one of the most important challenges 21st century society has to face, and it is essential that we all take responsibility for it and that no one is left out. It is necessary to promote social actions and incorporate important changes in public policy with the aim of mitigating pollutant emissions and implementing measures to adapt to their effects, which are already inevitable today. At the same time, there is a need to work hard on information, communication and education, so that society can act knowingly and be aware of the need and urgency of implementing these changes. In this sense, the Open Centre of Architecture organises open and transversal debates with the aim of making a tour of the causes and demands of the climate challenge, reflecting on the necessary change of production and energy model, and making a final reflection about the territory and the city. In the last session of the Climate Challenge cycle on: 'The Future City: Tools for Urban Transformation' with Pablo Martínez, architect and urban planner co-founder of 300.000 Km/s studio and professor at the EPDL of Lausanne; Verónica Sánchez Carrera, architect, expert in emergency architecture for infectious diseases and founder of the studio n’UNDO and Elena Albareda, architect expert in ecological urbanism, landscape ecology and sustainable land management, and associate professor at the UPC. Moderator: Albert Cuchí, architect, expert in sustainability and the environment, president of the AUS.


Complexity and the City

Mar Santamaría, co-founder of 300.000 km/s, participates at the debate Complexity and the City within the Tech Barcelona Spirit 2021.
Pau de Solà-Morales (Eina) also participates in this session moderated by Maria Buhigas.

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Staying Ahead of the Next Societal Challenge

The Next Societal challenge is here. Some are classic challenges such as the ageing population, improving healthcare systems or building more egalitarian societies. Others are recurrent, such as the future of education or the future of work, which need to be periodically rethought. In any case, new and innovative solutions must be sought. What are the new avant-garde approaches to face societal challenges? Mar Santamaría, co-founder of 300.000 km/s, is the chair of this session with keynotes by Salvatore Martello, Mayor of Lampedusa, and Diego Fernández, Secretary of Innovation and Digital Transformation of the Buenos Aires City Government. The debate is joined by Malu Molina, Special Adviser for Sustainable Development of São Paulo Municipal Government, Pastora Valero, Senior Vice President Public Policy and Government Affairs at Cisco Systems, and Mark Wheeler, Chief Information Officer of the City of Philadelphia.

Climate Change & Built Heritage

Mar Santamaría speaks at session 3 - Excellent Architectural Projects of the Climate Change & Built Heritage Public Conference.

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Air Quality: Policies and Governance

What are the challenges in terms of space justice and governance in driving and implementing these policies at the urban and territorial levels?

Mar Santamaria moderates a debate on how policies can guarantee air quality, with Mercè Rius, General Director of Transport and Mobility of the Generalitat de Catalunya, Lorena Perona, Architect at the Urban Planning Service of Barcelona Provincial Council, Pablo Martínez, Urban Planner at 300.000 Km/s, Judith Libchaber, Director of DataCity Lab and Elena Veza, Climate Emergency and Environmental Education Service Technician at the Barcelona Metropolitan Area (AMB).

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VII Encuentro Cultura y Ciudadanía

Ana Badenas and Sergio García from 300.000 km/s present the project Mercè at the VII Encuentro Cultura y Ciudadanía - CULTURA POSTCOVID: 25 Retos

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Conference at the Architecture School of Donostia

Conference in the Architecture School of Donostia by Mar Santamaría and Pablo Martínez on the studio's work, on Monday October 4 at 9 a.m.

With a pandemic delay of a year and a half, @ 300000kms Mar Santamaría and Pablo Martínez from the School of Architecture in San Sebastián. Monday, October 4, at 9:00 a.m. in the auditorium. Free admission but limited capacity.


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