Madrid Diversa Exhibition

Maps by 300.000 km/s are part of the Madrid Diversa exhibition held at CentroCentro in Madrid, and curated by Ariadna Cantis and Javier Peña. This project is exhibited from the 29th of September 2022 to the 29th of January 2023.

The exhibition analyses diversity as a distinctive feature of the city of Madrid in the contemporary context. In the current situation, in which cities tend to become standardised, to replicate commercial models and cultural structures, complexity transcends as a value in itself, as an identifying trait of urban life.

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Barcelona Dynamics in the Chicago Arts Institute

The Chicago Arts Institute, ‘Chatter: Architecture Talks Back’ Exhibition, April 11-July 12, Barcelona Dynamics.

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Barcelona Dynamics

DHUB Design Museum, ‘Metropolis Barcelona’ Exhibition, January 19-April 25, Barcelona Dynamics.

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Ars Electronica exhibition

‘Ciutat Vella Land-use plan at Ars Electronica, Linz, 2019.

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Permanent exhibition at MUHBA

Museum of the History of Barcelona (MUHBA), Oliva Artés site permanent exhibition, atNight and Geographies of Innovation.

Ciudad Invisible

‘Ciudad Invisible‘ focuses on maps, one of the main instruments that has been historically used to represent territories. In recent years, the raise of different techniques of representation, Internet and new technologies has opened a field of experimentation converting maps into powerful visualization exercises, instruments of social transformation, tools of analysis, knowledge repositories or learning environments. Among other mapping projects of the city of Madrid, we will be contributing to the exhibition with two pieces: ‘Economic networks‘ (developed for BBVA Data & Analytics) and ‘Stone and Flesh‘, that has been developed ad hoc.

Nocturnal landscapes at Instituto Cervantes Chicago

The exhibition Nocturnal Landscapes: Urban Flows of Global Metropolises, organized by MAS Context and the Instituto Cervantes of Chicago, observes and analyzes cities at night from an interdisciplinary perspective.

DataWar at Biennale di Venezia Collateral Events

Architecture Ukraine at Biennale di Venezia Collateral Events, Venice

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Touristic Estate

‘The state of Tourism‘ at FADFest 17, Foment de les Arts Decoratives, Barcelona, June 27-July 1.

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Engaged with better cities